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The Art of Fashion

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Ok I'll admit it I'm a sharer, lol when I'm not neck deep in fabric or taking care of my family like to cruise Pinterest, & Instagram and scope out my favorite fashion artist. Fashion in its self has so many facets which makes it so much fun to explore! So I thought I'd take todays blog post share some of my favorite fashion illustrators enjoy!

(above) ---- These illustrations were created by Artist; Anum Tariq, I enjoy the small features of the models as well the detail she puts into each outfit, also the way she includes the creases and folds of the fabric, make you want to snatch the outfit right out of the page!

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Artist; Holly Nichols

Supper delicate feminine illustration is what catches my eye with her art, she too sticks to "realness" well styling the outfits she also focuses on realness when illustrating the flow of the hair on each model. Also the way she shades & highlights with her coloring instruments makes each illustration pop!

Artist;Hayden Williams

If you follow anything remotely fashion based you are bound stumble upon this titan of the modern day fashion illustration world, he's worked with the most famous supermodels, and his Instagram page is packed with vibrant fashion illustrations from The Bratz, to Disney to his supermodel and celebrity tributes. I had planned displaying just some of my favorites in this slideshow (but there is really just to many to fit in any capacity) 

Artist; Nicolle Kobi 

This African-Parisian fashion illustrator is a favorite of mine because of her evolution in her illustrations, once very small features with whimsical not too detailed designs with fantastical background and mood setting, she has now enhanced her skills to offer more detailed designs that still remains true to her origins, and are both fun and super fashionable!

Last but not least.......

Me! This is just one of my illustrations, I enjoy simple facial and body details and go for more detailing the actual dresses. My illustrations are often used for my private clients to assist in creating their garment. Are you interested in learning more about fashion illustration? Keep scrolling!

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Jasmine Terry-Ankobil owner and operator of LAIDIECLOTH fashion house, where I create custom designs and perform alterations for formal occasions. & Online Couture Sewing School LAIDIECLOTH U. Please feel free to share this article and/or visit my site

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