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Pre-Consultation Form

Thanks for reaching out!

Please be aware my address has changed I'm now located in Torrington Ct about 1 hr and 20mins from Hyde Park. 

The options below include requesting an appointment directly or requesting a price quote prior to your visit.

*Please allow 24 hours for response time, usually I respond within the hour, during business hours Monday-Friday 10am-6pm & 10-4pm on Sunday, messages sent during non business hours will be answered the following business day 

Custom Dress Deadlines
6-8 months- Simple dress design, (to be determined by designer) 

9-12 months- Elaborate dress design, beading, silk, built in corset

12-16 months- Extravagant dress design, the above mentioned plus petty coats, ballgown design and accessories

*These deadlines are non-negotiable

Custom Design FAQ's 


Rush Fees (fees for alterations only)  

 7 days & under for Formal  $25

15 days and under  $50 bridal.

Schedule Your Appointment Directly

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Request A Quote 


I'm located in Connecticut I'm open to meet up's but that comes at an additional *travel fee. 

Please upload images of your inspiration design, at least the front and the back (please note as a courtesy to fellow designer's I do not copy dresses. I will do similar or inspired designs. 

Need some inspiration? Check out my Pinterest  dress boards

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Thanks for submitting!

About Me

My name is Jasmine Terry-Ankobil I’m a Fashion Industries graduated, currently located in Torrington CT, where I reside with my two daughters, and my husband. I own and operate LAIDIECLOTH fashion house, where I custom design gowns and other garments for special occasions as well as alterations and gown re-designing, all at my residential atelier.

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