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Paul Poiret, The Avante Garde Artist

Updated: Jan 1

Paul Poiret

Born: 1879 in Paris

Fashion House: Poiret

Known For: Known as "Le magnifique" in Paris and "The King of Fashion" in the U.S, Poiret was said to help change the modern retina (a colorful way to say he changed the way we see fashion) He dominated Parisian and International fashion in the 1910's. He blended clothes with avant-grade art.

Design Examples

Key Design Features

  • He replaced 19th century pattern dependent tailoring, with inspired draping of fabrics and let garments hang from shoulders.

  • He pushed aside subdued Edwardian palette & added striking colors and exotic turbans.

  • Introduced hobbled skirts in the 1910's (given its name due to the way, those who wore them walked because of the restricted leg movement)

  • He also introduced harem pants (you may know them as "genie" pants)

  • His most notable design was a minaret or "lampshade" tunic (see photos above)

  • His style was often compared to the concepts in *orientalism.


Paul Poiret dies penniless in Paris in 1944


Orientalism- Style, artifacts or traits considered characteristics of the peoples and cultures of Asia.

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  • Brief video summary of the above text, including more images of his work.

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