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Charles Fredrick Worth, The Father Of Couture

Updated: Jan 1

Charles Frederick Worth

Born: 1825 in Bourne Lincolnshire

Fashion House: "Worth"

Known for; Worth holds the reputation as the father of Haute Couture. Worth led a general move in the 19th century in Paris away from tailors and dressmakers, towards "designers" whose creations bore their names.


(to view more of his work see the video below, as I walk through more of his designs)

Key Features

  • He pioneered the flat fronted, bustle-backed skirt

  • Knee length tunic, worn over long skirt

  • Shorter crinolines (ideal for walking)

  • The Gigot sleeve (popular in the 1800's)

  • Worth was the first to show a whole seasonal collection in advance, and use live mannequins (models) to display his garments


1895 Dies in Paris. His House continued under his sons, who celebrated their fathers flare for glamour. Before it officially closes in the 1950's.


Tailor- A person whose job is to make fitted clothes such as suits, pants and jackets to fit the individual

Dressmaker- A person whose job is making women's clothing

Crinoline- Use to increase the volume of a gown (also known as a petty coat, see image below)

Bustle- A bustle is a padded undergarment use to add fullness or to support to the drapery at the back of women's dresses in the mid to late 19th century.

Its second more modern meaning is to temporarily reduce the length of a train in a gown.

The Gigot Sleeve- also known as the mutton sleeve, was very popular during the 19th century, it get its name because it is said to resemble the legs of an animal which are wide at the top and narrow towards the bottom.

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  • Brief video summarizing the above text


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