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Fresh Off The Runway, Siriano Pre-fall 2021

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Christian Siriano Pre-fall 2021. In this addition of ”Fresh Off The Runway” We get a front row glimpse at one of the great masters of our time. In his pre-fall collection Siriano gives us some behind the scenes realness, with these in studio editorials. I've added commentary to break down some of the looks from a dressmakers point of view. Enjoy!

Black sheath /trumpet mix floor length evening gown, sleeveless bodice, court length train, ballon ruffle collar and matching peplum. You can't go wrong in black and although critics might say its "too safe", The designer steps it up with a dramatic neckline and peplum.

Black tulle, full A-line floor length skirt, across the chest criss-cross matching bra-let. A fresh take on this look with a mix of sassy and sophisticated.

That a may look like bushels of fabulous flowers but it is actually, folded and pleated tulle/fabric, crumbled and manipulated to give the illusion of a feathered look.

We see the technique revisited, in this baby doll styled dress, with cascading layers. So much drama and feminine frills.

We can see this technique as a running theme in this collection, here as a tea length skirt paired with a crop styled, blazer complete with a sharp notched lapel, and shoulders pads for added structure and finish.

This design is so visually pleasing with the monochromatic 3D butterflies, sitting on top of a simple sheer crop styled top, paired once again with a tulle skirt.

Color blocking is a super sophisticated touch for this dress, taking a simple silhouette and making it a lot more interesting. Peep the shoulder area, the white section of the dress has a sleeveless design while the black side of the dress displays a single strap design. Again, small design features that makes the dress a little more interesting.

This shot is definitely screaming, "look at this cute bag", yes, it is a very nice bag. I'm a big fan of the snake/crock look accessories. I also really enjoy the subtle display of the sheer, "script print" body suit. Although, i'm not brave enough to wear this on its own, I like the idea of adding a black mini skirt or black classy jumper dress to complete the look.

In any designer collection, there is often a reoccurring theme or several. My impression of Siriano's latest collection, is tulle, sheer, ruching, monochromatic with surprise color pairings, like this canary yellow dream above. The skirt also has an ombre effect.

This black and red mini dress is some thing like a textile work of art, using the red fabric manipulated to look like what seems to be flowers to adorn the hip area, shoulders and neck giving a striking ethereal design.

High collar, ivory "simple gown" once again uses the ruffles to hug and wrap around he body. As well as create other decorative touches to the arms neck and the of the gown.

Keeping with the other reoccurring theme of the collection, we see this tuxedo inspired look paired with a wide brim hat, a cool mix of masculine and feminine essence.

The grande finale of this editorial is this gorgeous, gown the style and design is very angelic, with beaded details and fine embroidery techniques. The finishing touch is the matching head piece. My favorite thing about this editorial is that it takes place in the design studio, bringing full circle the design process. With all this construction and chaos eventually, what is revealed are some truly spectacular things!

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