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About Time- MET Fashion Exhibit Review

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Living in upstate in NY, as an NYC native and obvious fashion lover (as it is my chosen profession) I'm ashamed to admit, I have not attended many fashion exhibits. Although pre-covid there were so very many. However, I was compelled to attend this latest installment at the MET, so I gathered my children and announced "Field Trip"!

After navigating the MTA, we finally arrived, it was as beautiful as I remembered it over a decade ago. (slight entry modifications of course)

We arrived at the up stairs location of the exhibit, As a lover of this thing we call fashion design, it was quite overwhelming to be that close to designs that I've only seen in photos.....

The entry to the exhibit, a soft dreamy music sound track plays as you enter the dim lite space.

What About Time?

Before I showcase some of the photos I was able to capture on my trip, I just wanted to briefly explain what the exhibit was about. As we probably already know fashion often repeats itself. Sometimes its literal, the same design/trend re emerges after a few decades with possibly a new "modern" spin. This exhibit goes a little deeper tracing the a century an a half of fashion from 1870 to the present. The display shows how other designs and designers can be inspired to develop their designs from the designers before them. Whether it be an accent or silhouette. What can a Charles James design have in common with an Iris Van Herpen? How can a designer who heavily focused on classical formal ball gowns possibly have influenced a designer known for her fashion forward innovative designs? Perhaps in something as subtle as a silhouette. (see title image for reference)

That is what this exhibit is about, how time can influence design even though it seems like an obvious point, this exhibit goes beyond the obvious. Enjoy!

It was about 3 hours commute one way for me to see this exhibit, I can wholeheartedly say it was well worth the trip! The exhibit closing very soon I believe, so if you can make it I encourage you to, if you can not I hope with just these few photos (as this is not the complete exhibit) you will be able to witness something truly beautiful.

Here's another video I found on Youtube that also gives you a glimpse into the concept of the Exhibit.

I'd love to hear from you! What was your favorite combination?

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