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Designing A Red Carpet Moment

Updated: Aug 13

Tis the season.... the award season of course. For the next few weeks our social media feeds will be dripping with fabulous fashion. Elegance and opulence being the two key concepts on the red carpet. For me it’s the only reason I tune in. Half of the time I’m not even sure what the award show is for, lol. Doesn’t matter though, I sit snuggled in my sweatpants and headscarf, nonchalantly judging these people who basically have had a whole team of folks at their beckoning for everything, from massages to a full skincare makeover.

One of my favorite looks was from the golden globes, and of course “King Bey“ did not disappoint!

Although she did not walk the red carpet she did however, grace us with some amazing photos on her Instagram page. To my delight her designer for the night, was the fashion house legend Schiaparelli, who also shared the intricate behind the scenes work that goes into creating a custom design.

The Sketch; The computerization of this process has allowed for easier revisions to sketches but nothing beats a hand drawn illustration.

Here you see a more computerized version, where you will now see the texture of the design as well as the accessories.

Up close and personal, in the atelier (studio). I love how the gold Lame pops on simple black design.

The brands signature label, often hand sewn into all their garments.

Finally the end result a jaw dropping design made for a Queen!

What were some of your favorite looks from the 77th annual Golden Globes? Feel free to comment Below!

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