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Top 5 Pattern Making Books

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Pattern on dress form
Laidiecloth original pattern design


-My all time favorite Pattern Books....

Whether you are creating designs from scratch or altering store bought patterns....

It certainly makes things a little easier when you have the right instructions; Here are my favorite pattern reference books;

  1. (The G.O.A.T) Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen J Armstrong

  2. Dress Pattern Designing; The Basic Principles of Cut and Fit by; Natalie Bray

  3. Basic Pattern Skills for Fashion Design by Bernard Zamkoff

  4. How To Make Sewing Patterns By Donlad H. McCunn

  5. The Complete Guide to Perfect Fitting By Sarah Veblen

Feel free to look up any/all these books as you further your fashion design journey. Check out my resource center for fashion design templates, starting at $1.50!

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Jasmine Terry-Ankobil

Jasmine Terry-Ankobil owner and operator of LAIDIECLOTH fashion house, where I create custom designs and perform alterations for formal occasions. &Online Couture Sewing School LAIDIECLOTH U. Please feel free to share this article and/or visit my site

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