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5 Small But Essential Sewing Tools

Updated: Dec 25, 2023


Small but mighty ....

Having the rights tools are super important for seamless (pun intended) design;

Here are 5 sewing must haves;

  1. A Seam Ripper; this tiny tool helps quickly rip and open seams, as well as creates holes for buttons.

  1. Seam Gauge; Usually a metal measuring instrument, about 5 inches max with a small plastic sliding notch. Perfect for measuring small areas of a garment, the notch keeps your measurement in place so you don't need to write it down or rely on memory.

  1. Clear Grid Ruler; you'll need many rulers however a clear straight grid ruler is a foundation tool.

  1. Magic Chalk; It truly is magic! Disappearing chalk works wonders to prevent marks left on fabric that can leave a garment looking less than professional

  1. Measuring Tape; an obvious one however, I keep multiple lengths available, 60 inches and 120 inches perfect for long train measurements.

Notice there are a lot of measurement must have's, paying tribute to the old adage "measure twice, cut once".


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Jasmine Terry-Ankobil

Jasmine Terry-Ankobil owner and operator of LAIDIECLOTH fashion house, where I create custom designs and perform alterations for formal occasions. &Online Couture Sewing School LAIDIECLOTH U. Please feel free to share this article and/or visit my site

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