Save or Sack? Prom & Wedding Season

March 9, 2018

Prom & wedding season will be in full swing soon as you may have noticed, seeing the ad's on social media as well as the horror stories of ordering dresses online. So let's say you decided to take the leap of faith and buy a dress online, a dress in store that wasn't exactly your size or a dress  pass down from family/friends? How do you decide if it's worth salvaging or if you want to start from the drawing board? Here's a few helpful scenarios..


The online dress...

What was Advertised Vs What you get.....





Save or Sack?


Save. I've worked with similar bra inserts and found that they are none shape conforming and cone like. A trip to the fabric shop or bridal saloon, and you could easily removed the inserts and replace with better ones, there can also be more crystals added if that's what she wanted.





Save or Sack?

It's really a toss up here, if you are on short noticed and can not get a replacement dress with the right seamstress/designer you can actually save this dress. Some serious alterations for fit would have to be done, as well as raising the hem where the tulle starts. I would also add a few more yards of tulle. I'd remove the sleeves of course and take in the neckline. I'd say it would be a huge improvement and very similar to the desired look.








Save Or Sack?

She seems like a good sport lol, but unfortunately this will have to be sacked. The fabric is all wrong, the fit, and those terrible cone like bra inserts. There's almost no way to salvage this dress to look anything like the desired photo.







So here's some helpful tips when purchasing dresses online or trying to up cycle a dress


1. No matter what you paid for the dress, $20 or $200 if you are asking a seamstress to make adjustments, we charge by the work involved not by the value of the dress. If you did not pay much, & it  doesn't have sentimental value but requires a lot of work... then use your best judgement to proceed.


2. Reviews, Reviews Reviews... do your homework and research before purchasing a dress online. Seek outside the website reviews. Some sites may be able to monitor what reviews are seen. If the price seems too good to be true it probably is.


3. Dresses can only be let out about an inch so be careful when you buy a dress on sale that is not your size it may be difficult if not impossible to make bigger.


4. Downsizing. Most dresses can be brought down 1-2 sizes with minimal deconstruction. However, anything more than that will require major deconstruction and be pretty expensive, even more if there's lace & beading which requires special attention.


I hope this helps with your shopping this season whether its for prom, wedding(s) or any special occasion.


P.S I'm always looking for ways to make Laidiecloth the best it can be so I've put together a Survey of some questions to help me better serve potential clients, fill out the survey and be entered for your chance to win a custom handmade veil or fabric flower corsage! Complete survey here

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