Summer Time Clothing Hacks




As the temperatures increase the & lazy days of summer fully kick in, it's either too hot or you're just too busy for those time consuming regiments. So here's few simple tips for cool and comfortable clothing hacks.



Your running late it's a scorcher and you do not feel like ironing your clothes....



Steam shower wrinkle release, yep just hang the garment in bathroom while you shower, most summer clothing is lightweight and easily wrinkle releases with this technique, you may want spray the clothing with some wrinkle release prior to steaming, to  ensure even better results.



Outside it's super warm, inside super cold but who wants to carry a sweater?


If you have a great lightweight long sleeve or quarter sleeve shirt then, you can quickly sew in simple straps that would allow you secure rolled sleeves for outside and easily unrolled sleeves to keep you cozy inside.




 Sew-On Snaps



Step 1

Cut the ribbon at about 3 inches 

Step 2 

Fold ribbon on the ends

Step 3

Sew snaps on each end ( make sure to test the closure so that the snaps close properly prior hand sewing)

Step 4

You've got two options here; attached the straps directly to your shirt or just keep them handy for other shirts


The final results should look similar to what you see below. Mix it up with a cute bow or other decor if you're fancy! 





You forgot deodorant! and you are feeling a little sweating & uncomfortable, or you don't want to mess your favorite outfit with messy white residue.



Fresh lemons! Yes cut open a fresh lemon and squeeze it sparingly under our arm for an instant freshness and no chalky residue, squeeze and put some in spray bottle to prevent those set in smells as well.





You bought tons of beautiful bright colors for the summer and you don't want to loose those brilliant colors.



Don't wash them......... often. Clothing, especially in the fast fashion era that we live in today, was in no way created to last or retain those bright colors or consistency, the only solution is to limit how often they are manipulated in the washer machine. Spot treatments and hand washing will help on some impromptu stains like ketchup and barbecue sauce.


These were just a few of my own tried and true methods to beat the summer heat, do you have any summer fun clothing hacks?



Thanks for reading, join me next time for more fun tips, tricks, and fun fashion!


Jasmine XOXO














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