2016 & Beyond.......

January 5, 2016





Hello 2016! You beautiful bundle of optimism and potential! With the New Year lies new opportunities and plenty of possibilities.


As LAIDIECLOTH glides into another year, I want to first thank all those who have been apart of the journey. So what can you expect for 2016?


Well I'm glad you asked darling.......







What's New?


New Name.....Sort of...

For those who have followed me from the beginning, you may be familiar with LAIDIECLOTH Custom Made Clothing. Recently I've updated the wording to LAIDIECLOTH Fashion House, as the business continues to grow, I thought that the name change was more suitable for the many services offered. LAIDIECLOTH is more than just fabulous custom made clothing, its a wonderful world of fashion design, for all. 



LAIDIECLOTH's Special Occasions

This year I will launch LAIDIECLOTH'S Special Occasions, you may have heard me mention this in my previous post, if not (why aren't you reading my amazing captivating blog entries!) JK. Here's a brief summary of what it is, as  you have probably discovered LAIDIECLOTH, does both fashion illustration and garment construction (all handmade), what you may not have known is the initial concept for this business, was to offer clients the option of not just purchasing an illustration or a garment, but to connect to your purchase in a  special way. LC's special occasions is a unique shopping experience, where the client designs a dress for a special occasion by first creating a beautiful custom Illustration, from that design you get celebrity quality service, of then having that sketch constructed into an actual garment! In the end you recieve a custom sketch and custom garment. In the coming weeks I will go into greater detail  about this service as well as the 5 (limited addition) premade dresses and illustrations that will go on sale in February, *Special offers for those early birds.



This year I will introduce more contest and giveaways, for loyal customers as well as new clients, there will also be referral bonuses for those amazing clients that refer new clients. Each month I will run a giveaway or promotion via my social media accounts. (Please see the links below to make sure you follow me, P.S no egos here I follow back, I promise)


Fashion Illustration Giveaways - Each month I will giveaway a fashion illustration, if that month falls into a holiday then it would most likey be a themed illustration, so look out for my first giveway in February.


"Dress Like A Laidie" Starter Kit-  This bubble gum pink box, is filled with tons of information for fashion lovers interested in seeing what custom clothing is all about. The kit will be available for purchase or as a giveaway depending on what other promotions are happening that month. What is included? 

  • Tape Measure

  • Pen

  • Mug

  • Measurement Guide

  • $10 off post card

  • Benefits of Custom Clothing Brochure

  • $25 Gift Certificate for Seamstress services or to be used towards Laidiecloth products


Yes! I'll be joining Persiscope broadcasting my first "Show & Tell" at the end of this month, offering behind the scenes insight for an average day at LC headquarters, up coming projects, and even a little inspiration ( we could all use a little more inspiration) Be sure to tune in & tell a friend!



More of the Same

What will you see more of?

Original Handmade ready to wear- This spring/summer, I will introduce new pieces to LAIDIECLOTH's ready to wear collection for women, girls & toddlers. These bright fun pieces are signatures of the brand. This year make it the year to step out on your own style journey and aquire quality unique clothing, you will immediately see the difference from those mass produced (cheaply) made "trendy" pieces.


"Trendy is the last stage before tacky"

-Karl Lagerfeld


Fashion Illustration- Tons more fun & adorable illustrations coming your way, at my Esty Shop you are free to browse even if its just to put a smile on your face.


Just a few things to look forward to for the New Year.




2016 GAME TIME."


What are some amazing things you have planned this year?




Thanks for Reading!


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