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ThanksGiving Style Tips... Your Welcome!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Welcome to my new Blook/Blog! I'm looking forward coming here more often and just sharing all kinds of stuff with you guys, Fashion tips; (as if you need any, you style goddess!) A little bit of lifestyle thrown in the mix, rep carpet recaps, my style muses and pretty much what ever pops in to my faux fur, pearl and sequin filled brain. So if you are still with me, then lets get right to it. Thanksgiving is upon us and we'll likely be entertaining in our own homes or maybe venturing out to visit relatives in theirs, so of course the 'ol what to wear conundrum floats into our brains. I mean we want to be comfortable, but still cute.. but mostly comfortable. Especially after that second helping of... well everything. Here's a few tried and true tips, and guess what? You probably already own them!

Black Legging's

Isn't it obvious why? They have the 3 key ingredients to a closet staple. 1) They expand 2)They conceal 3) They literally go with everything.

How to wear it?

The chic way to wear leggings is not to make them the center piece. So for example, pair them with a top that is Aline, just above the knee, solid colored and easy to accessorize. Prints are also fun, and even a cute blazer for a pop of color. If you are really daring it doesn't even need to be black at all! Here's some ideas;

Instagram; iambeauticurve & mskristine

Oversize Sweater

Another master concealer. I love oversize sweaters! Especially earthy tones in the fall, that can be accessorized with golden tones. This mixed piece is also an absolute head turner, I mean is she not killing it?

instagram; iambeauticurve

The Ankle Bootie

I have to admit, I was not always a fan of the ankle bootie, I love my heels the higher the better! But I found a pair I love and I realize that for me the color mattered, so if you want to add some extra pepper to your outfit, then go for colors, like blush, mahogany, hunter green, grey, oxblood. Don't worry if you think you can't match them with all your clothes, they can easily be a center focus of a design. Like these beauties;

The Long Tan Coat

Or any statement coat for that matter, at the end of the day, you are just around people that already know and love you, so if you don't feel the need to do a lot, but still want to show effort. I encourage you to invest (if you haven't already) in a statement coat, High quality, super feminine, one that compliments your shape and literally no one cares what outfit you have on because, all they can say is where did you get that coat! I chose tan because it's so chic and sophisticated to me but, I also have a bright red one that I pull out around this time. It (the coat) can really be any color;

Instagram; blaireadiebee & beautejadore

Thanks so much for spending time with me, I'll see you again real soon! Happy ThanksGiving!

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