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Oscars 2020 Fashion Recap.....With Commentary!

I know, I know awards season is officially over but I couldn't help myself. I had to breakdown some of my favorites and a few not so favorite garments to grace the red carpet. Also my take on why I think a certain look did or did not work, from a seamstress and fashion designers perspective.


Nailed it! These two gals look like a sun kissed Goddesses in these gowns, not too over stated. The dress on the left had great volume and without swallowing her frame. The dress on the right is sleek and elegant with a subtle sensuousness.


"Too much fabric!" Said no seamstress ever, lol except when it comes to the finished product , these ladies are stunning all on their own, but theses designs do them no favors they seem to have been "swallowed" by their garments.

Sandra Oh

Okay Dr. Yang! Although she is petite about 5'6, I love how the dress has all this volume and glamour without overwhelming her figure. The pattern on the hem is very Dior inspired. She's giving me old Hollywood glamour vibes!

All Black Elegance

I adore these all black looks! I find that at these award show, celebrities and their stylist seemed to have strayed away from all black in the past, as it was often criticized by fashion critics as a "safe" color. You know the kind that hides flaws and doesn't draw too much attention... Well I thinks its safe to say that these gowns are traffic stopping! Each in its own way. Regal and statement making hints of metallic, texture and strategic cuts make all these "safe" designs a lot more daring. Don't be afraid to embrace the black dress!

Questionable Design

Some of these were so close for me as far as the potential in the designers vision, but sort of missed the mark.

The photo on the far left (red dress) is simply too busy; side boob, odd ruffle placement, black gloves a square train? I really enjoy the color on her but not the dress. The dress in the middle looks like two dresses cut in half and sewn together similar to the dress on the right the designs don't seem like they belong to the same dress.

Working It!

So what I found to be particularly exhilarating on the red carpet was how our differences were celebrated (starting from the top left)

1. Sabrina-ques- Elegant & complimenting, the fit is impeccable, she has a defined waist and the cut of the skirt is very flattering. It reminds me of the dress from the Audrey Hepburn classic movie "Sabrina".

2. Strong & Bold- As a girl that likes to weight lift & also inherited broad shoulders, sometimes I'm a little self conscious about my arms & shoulders in dresses, but I think she more than pulled this off! The one strap across the chest almost tricks the eyes into seeing a soft upper body area. The color solid and strong.

3. "The Figure Of Fertility"- I'm not sure if its the pose, the color the dress, the head piece or the sleeves but she looks like a painting, showing that their is definitely something very majestic about motherhood.

4. aMAZEing- There is something show stopping about a darker skinned women wearing the color yellow or a maze tone, the glow is undeniable.

5. Pretty Petite- I'm not sure what exact size this actress is but, I believe she's between 5'0-5'5. However, even though she's in a volumed gown, the cut and tailoring compliment her frame instead of overwhelming it.

6. Age Appropriate + Pretty in Pink- The final look in this grid is this adorable pink design, the shade of pink, the tulle, the ruffles just scream girly girl, and as a girly girl I'm all about it!

The Dreaded Drop Waist

I understand that as far as designing, waistline placement can be manipulated in many ways. I'm not really a huge fan of the "drop waist" style because to me, it almost always unflattering to the frame. It may look great on a mannequin, but usually misses the mark on a real life women.


These ladies sought simple yet elegant designs, proving less is more and a well tailored garment can unmatched!

Head Scratcher

In each of these designs I see the potential, whether its the color choice or some elements, but I guess what sort of throws me off with a lot of these designs are several things:

1. (first photo on the left) The pantsuit just seemed dis shoveled and a bit bunchy, I'm not a fan of that wavy lapel which further gives the suit unflattering look. I can appreciate the designer stepping out the box though.

2. (the middle picture) I just wish she would have picked one area of focus, the sleeves, the collar, the white bodice, the detailing on waist and the gathered tears on the skirt is too busy and actually ages her although, in what direction I'm not sure. I would have liked to see the sleeves remain and then making the white go straight down, in a sheath style dress with a softer fabric like a charmeuse.

3. (the last photo) The lavender design also runs into the "over design" category the easiest fix would be to remove that skirt for a flat fabric design and to slightly lower the neckline.

Hem Please!

Gorgeous gals, gorgeous dresses just wish they would have hemmed them. It makes a difference visually and gives the appearance of a more tailored look.

I hope you enjoyed this style recap all in good fun, each of these ladies are stunning in their own right. Their confidence on the red carpet is all the style and accessories they need!

What was your favorite look?

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