Glam Glove- DIY Wool-Felt Glove Tutorial

Updated: Jan 24

There is nothing more heart- "felt" then spending a little more time on a gift instead of just money. Using your own gifts (however novice) to create gifts for others. That was the inspiration for these pretty, practical and quite lovely gloves.

Experience Level: Applicable to all levels


  • Wool-Felt blend fabric - 1/2 yard (if the fabric width is 56 inches+), 1 yard (if the fabric width is 45inches or less)

  • Sewing Needle

  • Dressmaking Pins

  • Thread- 1 spool of matching thread, 1 spool for basting (for best results use contrasting color)

  • Laidiecloth U "Glam Glove Pattern" - Tip; For best results print on A3 paper, (11 3/4x 16 1/2)

  • Scissors

  • Water soluble Pen (for marking)

  • Charms (Optional)

Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Print out pattern pieces/ cut

pattern (the gloves are designed to be short styled length)

Step 2

Place pattern pieces on the folded fabric, cut out the pieces making sure you have two of each, one set for each glove. Prior to cutting make sure you mark your fabric with the parts in indicated on the pattern, i.e "Bow Placement"

Tip; If you are unsure about the sizing use a test fabric first, cotton would be best. Also if this is a gift, you can inconspicuously ask the person their glove size or measure their hand, from middle finger to wrist to determine size. The gloves are meant have a relaxed fit.

Step 3

Fold glove in half matching the finger tips, Baste (hand sew using medium stitch lengths). Then machine sew with a 2.2 stitch length.

Tip; take it slow on the curved area with the sewing machine. If you do not have a sewing machine you can also hand sew the entire glove, using small stitches.

Step 4

Clip around the fingertip curves, clip into the finger grove corners as well, be careful not to cut into the stitching you are trying to create ease not make a hole in the gloves. Turn gloves right side out.

Step 5

Placing in the thumbs, fold the thumb pattern piece on the fold line, pin, baste and sew. Match together matching points indicated on the glove and the thumb. Work the thumb pattern inside the thumb hole baste, then sew. (see video)

Step 6

Glove facing labeled part "C", pin along the lower area, clip off any excess fabric. Baste then, sew.

If you are more advanced, you may topstitch the facing to secure it and prevent it from flipping up. As well as edge stitch the bottom area with a zig-zag neatening stitch. Otherwise lightly press facing down using the "Wool" setting your iron.

Step 7

The Bow, parts D & E. Sew along the edge leaving 1 1/2 open to allow you to reverse it to the right side. Clip the corners, before turning it. Fold in half using the water soluble marker draw line down the middle. Pinch the fabric toward the center. Hand sew to secure with tack.

Step 8

Using parts "E" fold both edges to the center secure stitch at the top, bottom and middle. Place on top of bow wrap and secure back with a few hand stitches.

Match bow placement at where you previously marked on the glove. Hand sew the two pieces together.

Done! Add personal touches like special charms, highlighting the wearer's personality!

Need A little more help? Here's some quick video instruction, from my YouTube Channel

Glove Pattern
Download PDF • 528KB

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