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Christmas Time DIY- 6 Crafts You Just Have Try!

"Oh what fun, it is to make things for Christmas Day" ( jingle bell melody)

I don't often have time for DIY (I can't imagine many of us do), but if and when I do, its usually around this season. I find it fun and thoughtful to create gifts and even decorations for this season especially since it usually involves tons of sparkle and glitter my favorite things! While searching online I came across a few that I though were just too cute not to share. They have variety as far as skill level, some a little more involved than others. Even if it's not perfect, half the fun is in trying it. What a great time to embrace your inner child, so bring on the glue guns, sparkle and good cheer!

1. Sequin Stockings

I love the fact that you can use any color of sequin, not just the traditional holiday colors. This blogger chose rose gold, white faux fur and matching bows. I approve!

Follow the link below for step by step Instructions;

2. Wreaths

Surely wreaths are staples of the holiday season, yours doesn't have to be quite as extravagant, but if it was it would certainly be a conversation piece at dinner.


3. Frosty Pine Cones

How such a commonly found in nature item can be transformed into such a beautiful decoration just amazes me! Check out this DIY for gorgeous frosty pine cones.


4. Christmas Crackers

I have to say I'm not 100% sure what these are for other than really pretty noise makers lol, but they definitely add a pop of fun and color to your decor settings.


5. Ornament Balloons

How fun are these?! Perfect for around the tree and maybe even outdoor decorations that won't be exposed to the elements. Enjoy!


6. Christmas Pillows

This particular craft does take bit of sewing skills, not anything too drastic but basic sewing skills. I would say based on these results totally worth it!


So which DIY would you try? Please feel free to share in the comments section as well as photos! Happy Crafting!

Now that the decor is all taken care of make sure you sparkle as well, shop some of my most festive designs!

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