Below I've outlined how my Custom Order Process works as well as a couple FAQ's, if there is something you'd like more information about, Call 845-857-7714 or email I'd be happy to help!

How can I request a custom order? What is the process?

The mission of LAIDIECLOTH Fashion House is to connect with the unique identity of the client & bring out their own sense of style with the help of a skilled designer.


Are $50 and will be waived if you decide to move forward and make a deposit. 

I try to be as transparent as possible, to help clients decide if this is the best route for them to venture into,

I'm open to answering any and all questions to put your mind at ease prior to your visit, so that when you schedule a consult more often than not you are ready to get started. Please fill out Pre-consultation form for best quote results


Here's what to expect;

I take request via email, and phone, once your appointment is set, you would visit my residential shop fully equipped for your styling & fitting needs we can discuss some ideas about your desired look, the more information, better.

We will go over photos, talk in depth about ideas as well as view color &fabric sample swatches. As well as create a mock illustration or sketch of your design.


Custom Sketch

Ordering a custom sketch is very helpful in aligning a more exact image of your desired design. You may order it separately prior to start of your design. Should you choose to proceed with a custom gown it will be deducted from your payment. Place Order here. 

Cost & Pricing

Labor and the intricateness of the garment are taken into consideration when creating your ideal garment, for the breakdown of my custom dresses (Formal Garments) please see estimates below.

  • Custom Semi formal/party dresses range $300-$600

  • Floor Length gowns (no sequin, beads or lace) $850 and up

  • Custom Bridal $1,500+

  • Bridal Ball Gowns $2,500 and up

  • Custom Prom/ Formal Dresses Start at $1,000



You will be required to sign a contract outlining the terms and conditions of the arraignments, its encouraged that you read  thoroughly to ensure we are all on the same page. No work will begin unless these conditions are signed off on. 


Measuring & Production

I can take the measurements needed for garment production, we will also discuss specific details. Pick fabrics and establish fitting time frames. At this time , the deposit of 50% (non-refundable) of the total price of the garment is due.


First fitting; I will do a "mark up" of your design, on muslin/cotton fabric. To ensure the best possible fit before we begin to cut on the chosen fabric. Once the Muslin sample is complete and fitted, clients will sign an approval form and pay final balance prior to rendering the design on the selected fabric. 


Fabric swatches will be prepared for clients to review and approve prior to the start of the piece.


Second fitting; Garment will have been loosely assembled on chosen fabric. Final adjustments will be made.


Third fitting (*Final); The completely finished garment will be presented. Adjustments will be handled accordingly.


Please note some custom apparel orders may be subjected to fabric availability.


Fittings are Mandatory all clients are required to be available for at least 3 fittings. *Please allow up to a minimum of 3-5 fittings before garment delivery.

Processing Time

Custom Gowns and formal wear, these garments take a lot of time and require a lot of love, fabric sometimes has to be shipped from all over or the world, for this reason please see below with regards to processing and completion time.

*These are minimum processing times, more time may be required depending on several factors including but not limited to; fabric & accessory, availability as well as the season of production, (wedding and prom seasons are very busy & usually require a longer processing time that may differ 1-2 weeks).


*6-8 weeks for Simple Dresses (based on my own evaluation)

*12-14+ weeks for formal wear including ladies suits

*6 months- 1 year Wedding dresses

*6 months- 1 year Bridesmaid dresses (I take only a maximum of four custom bridesmaid dresses during this time period)

Rush Fees;

Rush orders are an additional 10%-25% the total cost of the garment. (at designers discretion, I may decide its not possible to adequately complete the garment while meeting the quality requirements for LAIDIECLOTH garments )


*As a courtesy to my fellow designers I will not copy a dress (or any other garment) exactly, I can create a  similar piece but exact replications are prohibited. If you need a little style inspiration check out my Pinterest style boards


*At this time I will only handle local clientele for custom work or persons willing to come to the shop. I cover the Hudson Valley area to NYC. (Please see travel policies for any further availability)


*I operate by appointment only

What are your refund/return policies?


Unfortunately because these garments are custom made to fit you and only you, there are No Refunds. 

I take great pride in making sure  the customer is more than satisfied with their purchase, and if for any reason you are not, I will do whatever it takes to make sure I can make that happen. For specific details on policies and procedure click the following link to download Store Policies.